Our Hiring Process

Stage 1


We've got your application! 

Thank you for your interest in working for Butlin's.
Stage 2


We will now review your application and will be in touch soon.
Stage 3

Phone Interview

One of our Resourcing Team will be in touch to arrange an initial telephone interview with you. This will be an informal chat to get to know you a little bit better.
Stage 4

Recruitment Session

Our recruitment sessions are all about finding out about you! 

They’re designed to give you lots of opportunity to show your skills, behaviours and most importantly – your personality.

We do our recruitment in groups and we will involve you in a few different
activities on the day. We know some people are great in interviews, others
may be more confident in a group environment, so this allows us to get a really
rounded view. We also think our recruitment sessions are pretty fun - hopefully
you’ll agree!

The recruitment session will last around 3 hours and our recruitment teams will tell you everything you need to know about the day. However, don't let this worry you, if you have any concerns, do let us know. 
Stage 5

It's Decision Time!

We will be in touch following the recruitment session to let you know whether you have been successful and to advise you of next steps.
Stage 6


Congratulations! You're going to be part of an amazing team!